September 02, 2014   7 Elul 5774
Main Line Reform Temple-Beth Elohim, Wynnewood, PA
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Tired of searching for a ride to Religious School for your kids? Don't know who to call? Lacking transportation?
Not anymore! You asked and we heard you.
We want to help our families find rides to Religious School and have created MLRT Religious School RideShare.

Contact Erica Capello at (subject line: RideShare) or call her at 610-642-0304 for more information.
Learning Together, by Stephanie Schwartz
MLRT Religious School not just a place for Jewish education, we hope it is truly considered a second home to our students and families. You, as parents, have the strongest impact on your children's interest in their Jewish studies.
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7th GRADE  

Welcome back to another exciting year at Main Line Reform Temple! As you enter your year of B’nai Mitzvah, your Religious School education gets even more exciting with a new experiential learning adventure!

The 7th grade program is an integral part of Jewish education at MLRT. The lessons are not based on B’nai Mitzvah, but on how we engage with the world around us. Throughout the course of the year, the students will enjoy Chugim (electives), which are experiential educational programs on topics such as Jewish Identity, Israel, American Jewry, Social Justice, and the Holocaust. We will engage with outside Social Justice Organizations as well as guest speakers in order to enhance the educational experience.

Thanks to a generous congregant donation, we will pilot a program called IWitness, through the USC Shoah Foundation. IWitness is an interactive, digitally based Holocaust education program created by Steven Spielberg. Students will be able to explore online Holocaust testimonials, resulting in our own students creating service announcement videos about various topics related to the Holocaust. Accentuating this experience, students will also travel to Ellis Island in New York City (assuming it has reopened) and to the National Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C.

There are no assigned classrooms in 7th grade because learning groups and teacher pairings vary depending on the weekly program. Some weeks, we will meet as an entire group, while other weeks we will break into smaller groups depending on choice of topic. The goal of the 7th grade program is to enhance the student experience and break away from the normal classroom lecture style of teaching. The 7th Grade students are asked to be active participants in learning, while addressing the needs of teens to socialize with their peers. The 7th grade program meets on Tuesdays from 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

We have assembled an outstanding 7th grade teaching staff:

Bracha Camron
Or Ben-Ari
Ross M. Levy
Rabbi Lauren Brody-Hyett

If you have any questions contact me at

8th & 9th GRADE PROGRAM  

8th & 9th Grade Retreat Program RSVP

Ready for the time of your life? Want to explore the depths of every day situations through a Jewish lens? Join Ross Levy for a pre-confirmtion year filled with exciting monthly programs, amazing weekends away, and a culminating trip to NYC.  Through the various programs and activities planned, we will explore issues of our relationships with friends, family members and the world around us through the lens of middot (Jewish values). We will also strive to create a community of empowered caring teens who engage in meaningful learning experiences that are interactive, spiritual and fun!

Questions, comments concerns about the 8th & 9th Grade Program? Please contact Ross M. Levy at 610-649-7800 x312 or

PACT Programs  

PACT (Parent and Child Together) is an interactive program for parents and students.  Throughout the year, on specially planned Sundays, parents participate with their children, to learn in greater depth a section of their child’s Judaic curriculum.  Parents and children then come together for joint learning and participatory activities.  Family Shabbat and/or Havdallah programs are also offered.


The Religious School at Main Line Reform Temple is committed to instilling a positive attitude toward being Jewish.  It is the goal of our school to help children and their families:

  • Appreciate the value of Jewish Education, participation in Jewish learning at home, in school, at the Temple, and in the community.
  • Become familiar with the major sources of Jewish beliefs, traditions and practices and their relevancy to contemporary times.
  • Have informed sense of the special relationship of God to our people as a whole, and how and why Jews individually believe in God as a sustaining force in our lives.
  • Understand the role of Judaism in world history and develop pride in Jewish accomplishment in history.
  • Recognize the role of Israel in the development of Judaism, and develop an emotional bond to the people and land of Israel.
  • Learn skills to participate in Reform Worship service and find meaning in prayer.
  • Learn the Hebrew language.
  • Understand and experience fulfillment as human beings and as Jews.  Make the Temple a place to feel spiritual and welcome.

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