September 16, 2014   21 Elul 5774
Main Line Reform Temple-Beth Elohim, Wynnewood, PA
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Cantor reflects on the Bat/Bar Mitzvah experience.
Cantor discusses reading from the Torah by relatives of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah.
Cantor Marshall Portnoy's tips for successful learning.
Guidelines for the day of your ceremony.
Your family is about to embark upon a journey towards a very special ceremony, unique to the Jewish people. Read this manual to find out all about the Bar/Bat Mitzvah process.
Return this form to Cantor at least 2 weeks before your ceremony
Select this link to download various prayers to read to your child at their B'nai Mitzvah.
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Chanted by Cantor Marshall Portnoy

The items in the table below are taken from the Sabbath Services Highlights CD given to all Religious School students. Right-click on the item and click "save target as" to save it to your hard drive. All files are in MP3 format. Put them on your iPod! Items in parenthesis refer to pages in "Gates of Prayer for Shabbat and Weekdays".

Click here for a transliteration of the Torah Blessings for before and after reading of the TorahHear the Torah Blessings chanted below.  

Hadlakat Nerot (38, 65, 82, 165) Tfilah: Avodah (120, aft. 138)
Friday Evening Kiddush (165) Torah Blessings (Aliyah) (145)
Barchu (109) Blessings Before the Haftarah (145-6)
Yotzer (109) Blessings After the Haftarah (145-6)
Shma and V'ahavta (111) Sabbath Morning Kiddush (167)
G'ulah (112-113) Birkat Hamazon (168)
Tfilah: Avot V'imahot(114, aft 133) Eyn Kelohenu (159)
Tfilah: Gvurot (115 aft. 134) Tfilah: Kdushat Hayom Afternoon Addition (136)
Tfilah: Kdushat Hayom (118, aft. 137) Half Kaddish


Pirkei Avot

 1. Introduction

8. Rabban Yochanan
2. Moses received the Torah 9. Rabbi Yosei said
3. Simon the Righteous 10. Rabbi Tarfon said: The day is short
4. Hillel and Shammai 11. Rabbi Tarfon said: It is not up to you
5. Hillel used to say 12. Rabbi Chanina
6. Shammai said 13. Rabbi Elazar
7. Hillel said 14. Conclusion



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Track 2 Track 10 Track 18
Track 3 Track 11 Track 19
Track 4 Track 12 Track 20
Track 5 Track 13 Track 21
Track 6 Track 14 Track 22
Track 7 Track 15 Track 23
Track 8 Track 16 Track 24

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