Mi Shebeirach List

Bikkur Cholim – visiting the sick – and Mi Shebeirach – the prayer for healing — are two ways our congregation reaches out to support others who are ill. Because of Federal confidentiality regulations (HIPAA), hospitals no longer advise the Temple if a congregant is hospitalized. Our Clergy, when asked to do so, visit congregants and close members of their family in local hospitals

Many of us rely on community to support us when we are in pain. Each Erev Shabbat, we sing the Mi Shebeirach prayer for those who are ill. When we hear the name of a congregant who is ill, we are offered the opportunity to reach out to them and their family, and to provide support, send a card or make a friendly phone call to let them know we care.

We invite you to provide us with the name(s) of loved ones who are facing the challenge of illness, that we may support them, and you, through inclusion in our communal Mi Shebeirach prayers. Please complete the form below if you have a name to be added to the congregation’s Mi Shebeirach list.

MLRT Caring Committee

Often, following a hospitalization or loss in the family, our fellow congregants turn to us for help and support. We hope you can help us become a more connected and caring community, and share a wonderful mitzvah by preparing one or more meals and delivering them to congregants who need us.

For more information about joining the Caring Committee, contact Gil Marder, Member Engagement & Program Manager.