Our Leadership

Serving as a Trustee or Officer is a great honor and a sacred responsibility.

We are grateful for the many passionate and talented members of our community who lend their time and expertise to ensuring MLRT continues to be a thriving and welcome community for all.

The privileges and benefits a Board member receives are a blessing, creating opportunities for personal growth through service to God and to the Jewish people.  Each Board member must bring his/her own vision, wisdom and dedication to the performance of the duties and valuable functions they perform in support of MLRT’s core values.

Executive Officers 23-24

Lori Robbins

Hugh Ehrenberg
Vice President

Mary Kamplain
Vice President

Amy Kopelman
Vice President

Michael Kopelman

Josh Bobrin
Financial Secretary

Hayley Ornstein
Recording Secretary


Board of Trustees

Aileen Beckman

Scott Berger

Margie Bildersee

Ed Bleeden

Josh Bobrin

Ken Brier

Ed Caine

Jill Caine

Brett Cohen

Denis Cohen

David Edman

Hugh Ehrenberg

Chuck Forer

Brad Frank

Joan Frost

Ann Gelfond

Gordon Gelfond

Stacey Gerwitz

Scott Ginesin

Joel Ginsparg

Mignon Groch

Patsy Gruenberg

Steve Handleman

Dennis Hoffman

Jennifer Hoffman

Rabbi Kevin Kleinman

Amy Kopelman

Amy Krulik

David Krupnick

Rachel Lester

Ami Lonner

Jeff Love

Jennie Nemroff

Rabbi Geri Newburge

David Rawdin

Michael Rosenthal

Susan Rubin Plick

Cantor Faryn Rudnick

Ruth “Ricky” Seidelman

Eric Settle

Andy Shamberg

Maddy Shusterman

Delores Steinberg

Liz Stoller

Rabbi David Straus

Tom Wiener

For more information about our committees and to get in touch with the chairs, please email Gil Marder, Member Engagement and Program Manager.