TheTribe is back and better than ever! Get ready for the next episode in MLRT’s High School program. Students in 8th-12th grade are part of a bigger, better, customized program designed to help you explore Judaism and guide you on your own Jewish journey.

TheTribe has been divided into four quarters:

1) TribeMadrichim. – This is our Religious School teachers aid program. Students can apply to work with a teacher in the classroom on Sundays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays. Being selected to serve as a madrich or madricha means that our community sees you as a model for Jewish living and leadership. Our children look to you as an example of what an engaged, committed Jewish teenager looks like. All of us at MLRT thank you for taking this step toward having a meaningful impact on our children.

2) TribeClasses. – Our year will be made of up of four 8-week sessions. First we study together for three weeks in CORE, a grade level curriculum aimed to open our minds and focus on life through a Jewish perspective. Then we spend the next five weeks of the quarter immersed in an ELECTIVE chosen by you based in art, music, Israel, technology, video editing, sports, drama and more. This cycle of education allows you to learn from multiple teachers throughout the year and engage in a learn-with-intention program. Our entire program will run on Tuesday evenings from 7:00-8:30 pm.

3) TribeSocial. – This is our incredible youth group program which combines hanging with your friends and incredible social events like zip lining, Escape the Room, social action programs and more. Check our calendar of events for more info and don’t miss a moment of the fun!

4) NFTY – The North American Federation for Temple Youth is our regional youth group. NFTY is a community for Reform Jewish high school students. Participants build friendships, lifelong Reform Jewish identities, and leadership skills through community building, worship, social action and experiential youth-led Jewish educational programming. Weekend retreats happen five times throughout the year and we encourage all students in our high school program to attend. Scholarships are available by request.