What’s Special about MLRT Religious School

What’s special about MLRT’s Religious School?

Flexible Class Options: Our weekly class schedule includes both in-person and online classes to meet your family’s health, safety,  and transportation needs.  Additionally, 3rd-6th grade families can choose to have their child attend their small-group Hebrew class on either Sunday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

Support and Inclusion: MLRT’s Gesher Program (Hebrew for “bridge”) provides support and enrichment to meet the individual needs of our students inside and outside the classroom. Our certified special education teachers work both one-on-one and in small groups in the Gesher Hebrew Learning Lab to prepare students for their B’nai Mitzvah and help every student achieve success.

Social Action at the center: Our students connect the giving of Tzedekah to hands-on social justice work as Greater Philadelphia becomes our “living laboratory” to put into action the Jewish values.

Hebrew Learning: Kindergarten through 2nd-grade students are introduced to the Hebrew alphabet and key vocabulary in our Hebrew Through Movement program. 3rd-6th graders build confidence in their ability to read and comprehend Hebrew during their small-group Hebrew class.  All students love to sing Hebrew prayers during weekly assembly and worship services.

PACT (Parent and Child Together) is an interactive program for parents and students.  Throughout the year, on specially planned Sundays, parents participate with their children, to learn in greater depth a section of their child’s Judaic curriculum.  Parents and children then come together for joint learning and participatory activities. Family Shabbat and/or Havdallah programs are also offered.