Tribe Classes

Get ready for the next episode in your discovery of Jewish identity. TheTribe is MLRT’s High School program for 8th through 12th grade students that aims to combine a deeper understanding of Judaism with the desire for students to customize their program.

Students in TheTribe will learn from clergy and teachers who are creating Jewish content and programs around your interests, passions, and hobbies. You and your friends will be able to learn and play together each week at MLRT in program built by YOU!

Our year will be made of up of four 8 week sessions. First we study together for three weeks in CORE, a grade level curriculum aimed to open our minds and focus on life through a Jewish perspective. Then we spend the next five weeks of the quarter immersed in an ELECTIVE chosen by you based in art, music, Israel, technology, video editing, sports, drama, and more. This cycle of education allows you to learn from multiple teachers throughout the year and engage in a learn-with-intention program.

8th & 9th Grade Core Program
The guiding theme for our two-year curriculum is “Middot and Relationships: a Jewish Perspective on Modern Teen Life.” We examine issues of our relationships with friends, family and the world around us through the lens of Jewish values, or middot. We will also strive to create a community of empowered, caring Jewish teens who engage in meaningful learning experiences that are interactive, spiritual, and fun! We hope the students come away from the program with the sense that they have learned about the Jewish values and beliefs that can impact their daily lives.

10th Grade | Confirmation Core Program
Our Core program focuses on issues of Jewish identity and contemporary issues facing the Jewish community, from the Arab- Palestinian-Israeli conflict, to the Jewish views on the death penalty. In addition, the class explores ethical issues surrounding life cycle, from Jewish views on abortion, euthanasia, and the afterlife, to Judaism and homosexuality and same-sex marriage. All of these are taught through reading and debating Jewish sources and texts.

​A highlight of the year is the class’ participation in the Religious Action Center’s L’taken Seminar in Washington, DC with 300 plus students in a weekend of learning about the major social, economic and political issues facing our country.

11th & 12th Grade Core Program
As part of our Core program for 11th and 12th grade TheTribe offers an informal class with Rabbi Straus, Rabbi Newburge and Ross M. Levy.  Our class  meets weekly on Tuesday nights. Expect to hear lots of schmoozing, laughter, and a “whole lotta learning.” The curriculum is set by our students, addressing modern-day concerns of young Jewish adults, including college choices and Jewish life on campus.

Sample Electives

American Sign Language
Back by popular demand! Come learn sign language! The first class will be taught by Nancy Neff, NIC Master interpreter. The remaining three classes will be taught in sign language by Paulette Fisher who is a retired teacher from The PA School for the Deaf. Students will learn the alphabet, numbers, colors, family signs and a few conversation pieces.

Judaism & Hip Hop
In this year’s Judaism & Hip-Hop course, we will begin by drawing parallel’s between some of Judaism’s most sacred teachings, and contemporary hip-hop lyrics. How might the teachings of Maimonides relate to the lyrics of Vince Staples? We will then study some of hip-hop’s largest Jewish influences, including recently-deceased Mac Miller. Then, during the final two weeks of our course, we will practice writing our own lyrics. This year, we will even attempt to record our songs together!

Jewish Humor – FULL
Knock, knock. Who’s there? It’s Ross M. Levy & Rabbi Geri Newburge! Join us for four weeks of digging into Jewish humor. From its first appearances in the Torah to its rise to popular culture with Seinfeld and The Goldbergs! Limited space available.