Our Faculty


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Mihaela Schwartz

Director of Early Childhood Education

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Melissa Friedman

School Operations Manager

Tracey Millman (Teacher Coordinater, Office)
Tracey Millman

Teacher Coordinator

DeCurtis, Sonia
Sonia DeCurtis

Teacher Coordinator

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Rabbi Geri Newburge

Two Year Olds

Playful Penguins

Allison Goodwin and Rachel Bleich

Allison Goodwin
Allison Goodwin
Precious Piglets

Amy Schloss and Leslie Guerin

Amy Schloss (Precious Piglets 2s)
Leslie Guerin (Precious Piglets 2s)
Smiling Seals

Venesha Taylor and Laurie Sked

Venesha Taylor (Smiling Seals 2s)
Laurie Sked (Smiling Seals 2s)
Mini Monkeys 

Melissa Martin and Katie Cohen

melissa martin notcrazyeyes
Katie Cohen (Mini Monkeys 2s)

Three Year Olds

Dancing Dinos

Joan Bronstein and Tracie King

Tracie King (Dancing Dinos 3s)
Laughing Ladybugs

Nicole Siegel and Dori Ptak

Nicole Siegel (Laughing Ladybugs 3s)
Dori Ptak (Laughing Ladybugs 3s)
Wise Owls

Colleen Falo and Shelby Ugarte

Colleen Falo (Wise Owls 3s)
Shelby Ugarte (Wise Owls 3s)
Daring Ducks

Katie Cotter and Gennifer Bakaysa

Katie Cotter (Daring Ducks 3s)
Gennifer Bakaysa (Daring Ducks 3s)


Singing Sparrows

Nicole Yaramishyn and Kat Sylvan

Nicole Yaramishyn (Singing Sparrows PreK)
Allison Goodwin
Leaping Lizards

Lori Rosenberg and Lauren Gross

Lori Rosenberg (Leaping Lizards PreK)
Lauren Gross (Leaping Lizards PreK)
Brave Bears

Kim McGarry and Dawn Ambrose

Kim McGarry (Brave Bears PreK)
Dawn Amrbose (Brave Bears PreK)


Super Stars

Lori Hochman and Susannah Edmonds

Lori Hockman (Super Stars Kindergarten)
Susannah Edmonds (Super Stars Kindergarten)